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Cases - Materials and Text on Contract Law

Question: Examine about the Cases, Materials and Text on Contract Law. Answer: 1. The issue that must be chosen is connected with the reality if the gatherings, Richard and his dad had the aim of being legitimately limited by the guarantee as indicated by which, the dad had consented to pay a week by week remittance of $200 if Richard cut the terraces of the family property. Along these lines, in this inquiry, the issue is connected with the aim to make legitimate relations, which is one of the fundamental components, crucial for making a legal agreement. There are sure highlights that must be available in an understanding and because of these components, it very well may be said that the understanding between the gatherings can be authorized by the law. These components incorporate offer, acknowledgment, thought, limit and the goal to make legitimate relations. The components of the expectation one piece of the gatherings to the consent to go into legitimate relations has been presented under the agreement law to filter out the cases in which, court activity won't be fitting (Burrows, Finn and Todd, 2002). Only one out of every odd understanding that hosts been closed between the gatherings brings about a legitimate agreement. For instance now and again, two companions may have chosen to meet each other at the bar. For this situation, despite the fact that they might be an ethical obligation with respect to the French to respect such an understanding however for this situation, there is no lawful obligation to do as such. In this way , such understandings are not enforceable under the law. The explanation is that for the most part in such cases, the gatherings don't have the aim of being lawfully bound and simultaneously, the law attempts to mirror the desires of the gatherings (Beale, (ed) 2002). Subsequently so as to choose which understandings can be forced by the law and if there should arise an occurrence of which understanding, the gatherings have expectation of going into guidelines, a distinction is available between residential/social understandings and the understandings made in setting of exchange. Such an issue preceded the court in Jones v Padavatton (1969). For this situation, it has been built up like in Belfour v Belfour (1919) that howsoever complex the residential game plans might be however there is an assumption that they doesn't bring about the making of a legitimately restricting agreement, except if a reasonable expectation is available which demonstrates unexpectedly. Hence for this situation, an offer was made by Mrs. Jones to pay her little girl, Mrs Padavatton and measure of $200 every month in the event that she relinquished her position in the United States and went to London to read for the bar. In spite of the fact that, from the outset, the little girl was not willing since she had a great job with the Indian Embassy in Washington, yet she was convinced by her mom to do as such. A mother accepted that thusly, the girl may join her as a legal counselor in Trinidad. Anyway this underlying understanding between the mother and little girl didn't work on the gro unds that while the girl was under the feeling that the $200 will be US dollars however the mother proposed them to be Trinidad dollars which were about portion of what the specialist was anticipating. Subsequently, the information can just bear to lease one room in which she needed to live with her child. In this way the mother concurred that she will buy a house for her to live in. As needs be a huge house was bought by the mother with the goal that different rooms could be given on lease by the little girl and the sink and can be utilized for upkeep. Later on the little girl wedded and couldn't finish her examinations. Under these conditions, the mother needed the ownership of the house. In this manner the issue that must be chosen by the court was if a legitimately enforceable agreement has been made between the mother and her girl or if the understanding made between them was just a family course of action that was not proposed to be lawfully official. For this situation, it was the choice of the court that the understanding between the gatherings was just a residential understanding and an assumption has been raised that it was not the expectation of the gatherings to be legitimately limited by the understanding. There was no proof that could disprove this assumption. In the current case, Richard's dad had vowed to pay him a week by week recompense of $200 on the off chance that he cut the front and patios of the family property and kept the nurseries looking clean. Prior, the dad was paying $350 to a nursery temporary worker for doing likewise work. Later on, the dad revealed to Richard that he can't bear to pay the week by week recompense of $200. He additionally expressed that this work ought to be finished by Richard for nothing since it was the duty of the entire family to keep the property clean and separated from it, Richard was likewise getting free boarding and housing. As this game plan has been made among father and child, it tends to be guessed that they came up short on the goal of going into a lawful relationship. Also, there is nothing to disprove this assumption. Thus, for this situation, the guarantee made by the dad of paying a week by week stipend of $200 to Richard isn't lawfully enforceable. Hence, Richard can't uphold the guarantee made by his dad to pay $200 every week in an official courtroom. 2. The issue for this situation is connected with the cures that might be accessible to Frere Bros for the penetrate of agreement that has been submitted by Joe. As indicated by the law contract, when involved with the agreement has neglected to hold the guarantee under the understanding or neglected to satisfy its duties forced by the agreement, it is said that a break of agreement has occurred. The break of agreement can be entire or to a limited extent. In the event of a penetrate of agreement by involved with the agreement, the other party gets certain cures (Benson, (ed) 2001). The significant cures that are accessible to the honest party for a penetrate of agreement are harms, explicit execution and directive. The cure of harms is commonly utilized in contract law. Under the agreement law, harms are the misfortunes or the costs that must be caused because of the illegitimate demonstration of the other party. Along these lines harms are an installment that must be made under the custom-based law (Addis v Gramophone, 1909). The expectation of giving the cure of harms is to give money related pay to the misfortune that hosts been endured by the other gathering on account of the break. Along these lines, the fundamental motivation behind giving the cure of harms is the need to ensure the desire interests of the promisee and furthermore the presentation of the promisor. Authoritative harms are likewise capable if there should be an occurrence of a penetrate of agreement. Along these lines when a penetrate of agreement has occurred, either gathering may experience the ill effects of a misfortune. The reason behind legally binding harms isn't to give discipline to the gathering that has neglected to play out its piece of the understanding. In such manner, the court additionally doesn't think about the capacity of the respondent to pay while deciding the measure of harms (Atiyah, 1990). For instance, the measure of harms can be the distinction that is available between the agreement cost and the expense of playing out the agreement by another gathering. The other cure that can be accessible in the event of a break of agreement is that of explicit execution. It is likewise huge cure accessible in such cases. Explicit execution is the request for the court as per which the respondent needs to play out the demonstration in regards to which, it has just made a guarantee under the agreement (Nutbrown v Thornton, 1805). For the most part this cure is as legal request as indicated by which the individual to go with this order, needs to accomplish something or limited from accomplishing something. For the most part the cure of explicit execution is utilized to build up a formerly settled exchange. The cure of explicit execution has end up being best with regards to ensuring the desire interests of an honest gathering if there should be an occurrence of a penetrate of agreement. Before allowing the cure of explicit execution, the court needs to check whether satisfactory help can be given to the honest party by utilizing the cure of harms. H ence when sufficient cures gave by harms, by and large explicit execution isn't conceded. Essentially, the court will reject the cure of explicit execution if the provisions of the agreement are not satisfactory. In such manner, a tact has been given to the court to deny the honor of the cure of explicit execution where giving this cure may bring about yearly difficulties to the litigant. In any case, as a rule, the cure of harms can't satisfactorily remunerate an individual, especially in situations where the topic is one of a kind, so as to manage such cases, the court of value had built up the cure of explicit execution. Thusly, as a solution for the break of agreement, usually explicit execution is allowed where an appropriate cure isn't given by grant of harms. Aside from the cures of harms and explicit execution, there is another cure that can be allowed by the court. In this way, the court may grant an order for a penetrate. A directive can be depicted as a request for the court as indicated by which the other party to the agreement needs to quit accomplishing something and simultaneously, such a request additionally forestalls the incident of a specific thing later on (Lumley v Wagner, 1852). Various kinds of goals are available, including the compulsory order and the interlocutory directive. The interlocutory order can be utilized to keep up the topic during the pendency of the prosecution between the gatherings. Then again, when obligatory directive has been conceded by the court, the other party is required to accomplish something. In the current case, Joe is a popular film on-screen character and he had contracted with Frere Bros. The agreement is for a long time and as indicated by the agreement, Joe had consented to offer the types of assistance only to Frere Bros. consequently it has been given in the agreement that Joe won't act in the movies of some other organization during the time of the agreement. Anyway in the main year of t

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Multicultural education scenario Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Multicultural instruction situation - Essay Example How multicultural instruction would be esteemed as powerful here thoroughly relies upon my endeavors. I would need to discover the specific courses through which their comprehension of training would increment and cause them to feel good with the current examinations. This will push them to accomplish instruction at their best and in this way push forward with the rudiments of their separate lives in a sensible manner. I would discover how they will be more viable than they are at the present, and in this manner offer them arrangements which depend on unadulterated rationale and understanding. For causing them to understand that instruction is the way to open any bolt inside their lives, I would guarantee that training is imparted inside them in a very problem free way, so is the situation with the 4 understudies who are having exceptional needs and need to acquire a lot of difficult work as time passes of their lives. Know that the kids who hail from the least fortunate of foundatio ns would need to be considered for their instruction standards more than any other person. They would need to be given the unique accentuation which is desperately required nowadays. Inside the aegis of the study hall, these understudies would be upheld by support and uncommon endeavors will be made to let them get to know different understudies in the study hall also. What stays significant anyway is a dream to push forward throughout everyday life and get some answers concerning its various subtleties through difficult work, dedication and complete responsibility going to the fore. The kinds of exercises that should be possible inside the study hall incorporate the creation up of gatherings which will involve understudies from various foundations so they have a superior comprehension and collaboration levels with each other. This would set the ball moving most definitely, and they would feel better at interfacing with the ones who are available inside their particular gatherings. Pretend could be esteemed as one of the most cared for recommendations inside the exercises that could be instilled inside the study hall understandings, and this will prepare for the future achievement of the homeroom over the long haul. Each gathering could permit the others (gatherings) to learn more in light of the fact that each of these future ready to get the absolute best with the changing exercises that they have been offered with. The gatherings would in this manner connect the outcomes to the appreciation that has been reached upon, as it will aid a superior comprehension of how things shape up inside their individual domains and how genuine thought ought to be paid towards acknowledging where the other gathering has gotten its premise from, in the wake of arriving at the ideal outcomes (Davis, 2007). The learning digression is such a significant one for the 21 understudies inside this homeroom setting since it shows more than negligible training; it causes them to acknow ledge who they truly are basically. One of the most critical explanations for lecturing multicultural training lies in the way that it gets rid of the infirmity of generalizing inside the study hall. Almost the entirety of the understudies comprehend that generalizing somebody because of one’s different foundation or just an affliction isn't something which

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4 Strategies to Make Creativity a Key Part of Company Culture

4 Strategies to Make Creativity a Key Part of Company Culture We may be living in the most creative epoch in history. Almost each and every one of us, whether directly employed in a creative profession or not, is required to constantly learn and reinvent ourselves. Things are moving at a fast pace and the ability to innovate has become a necessity rather than a choice for ambitious professionals and businesses. Whether you design websites, create videos, or provide writing services, creatives are often required to be brilliant at a moment’s notice. Its not possible to create great content or produce phenomenal work on a regular basis without a creative spark. But waiting for inspiration to strike can waste a lot of time. Here are some ways in which businesses can incorporate creativity into the company culture so that their teams can generate fresh and exciting work on the daily. 1. Encourage open communication and the free exchange of ideas Anyone who works in a job that requires innovation would benefit from a company culture that encourages the free exchange of ideas. Letting your team express themselves freely and discuss ideas that may seem far-out (without the fear of ridicule) is critical to nurturing the creative spirit of the company. Often the road to one sparkling idea is through a ton of bad ones.  Open communication is the lifeblood of creativity, so companies need to ensure they don’t stifle it with counter-productive policies and management. Startups usually do a better job of this than big established businesses that have allowed bureaucracy to take over. There’s a vibe of youthfulness and eagerness in young companies where people are keen on proving themselves and taking on established norms. They push the boundaries of what is acceptable and, in the process, produce stunning, ground-breaking work. Others appear to, more or less, toe the line. Which side do you want to be on? 2. Provide structured guidance and clear instructions In order to generate creative results, team members need to know exactly what is expected of them. In my experience, this is where many team managers falter. When instructions are not communicated in a clear manner, or the guiding principles of a project are not conveyed in an articulate fashion, the output is bound to suffer. This wastes company hours and shakes employee morale. In theory, this may be easy to fix. Just convey the instructions and be done with it. In practice, however, this requires a proactive and involved approach on the part of the manager/team leader. While it is important to convey clear instructions to begin with, it may not be enough on its own. Structured guidance and regular feedback are needed through the lifetime of a project. At the same time, the team leader shouldn’t be micromanaging the project either, because, let’s face it, what is more annoying than a manager who keeps getting in your hair all the time? It’s quite a balancing act to strike and the manager’s people skills will make a tremendous difference here. No matter how smart your team, you will always need someone who is able to provide a guiding hand to them and ensure they function as a cohesive whole. Fostering a creative atmosphere requires being able to expertly handle your most creative people. This may involve tempering one person’s eccentricities or drawing another person out of their shell. Sage words to keep in mind, as per Harvard Business Review, “One doesn’t manage creativity. One manages for creativity.” A clear set of instructions and guiding vision make the process of project execution much smoother. It certainly saves a lot of heartache over missed expectations and prevents acrimony/blame game from setting in among team members because of it. Collaboration Made Simple 3. Equip your team with the right tools Creativity is often synonymous with chaos. But there are ways to streamline the process so that sanity is not lost to brilliance. Businesses today are lucky to have at their disposal many excellent tools that aid creativity and enhance team productivity. Online brainstorming, for example,  has been found to be an effective way to provide an organized space in which to come up with new ideas. One user favorite for this is MindMeister, the universally popular mind-mapping tool that helps teams collaborate in real time across geographic locations. Used by teams around the world, from SAP to Disney, this online brainstorming tool has helped to produce brilliant ideas and strategies. Creative strategy planning with MindMeister There’s a solution out there for every conceivable need. Keep looking and trying until you find a good fit. Its worth the wait the right kind of software can take your team’s creativity to a new level. 4. Be patient and empathetic We want our team to be on top of their game each and every day while turning in excellent work week after week, project after project. That is what we pay them for, after all. But this may be too tall an expectation and is  guaranteed to lead to employee burnout. It helps to understand the nature of creativity itself. Creativity is rhythmic. No one can be brilliant at their work every single day, and if you have people who are, you are luckier than you realize (and should do everything possible to keep them happy!) For the vast majority of us, it’s human to have an off day. It’s natural for certain projects to be better than others. Some ideas sound fantastic, others have C.R.A.Z.Y. written all over them and you wonder what the person who suggested them was thinking. This is all part of the creative process though. Give the team the time and space they need (within reasonable limits) to create their best work. This often implies letting them produce a few misses before they hit the bull’s eye. When you are not happy with the result, encourage them to go back to the drawing board. But keep the feedback constructive and the overall vibe positive. A creative culture rises within a company as a result of a number of things done right: First, the management should emphasize the importance of creativity in the business and enshrine that in its values. Second, creative teams require brave and visionary managers to lead them. Those who are able to provide timely guidance and apt conditions for creativity to flourish. Third, creatives need quality technology to execute daily tasks and brainstorm ideas. A combination of the above will ensure that creativity eventually becomes ingrained in your company’s DNA. Let us know how you get on! Creative Task Management

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Child Development Observation Essay - 2221 Words

I. Settings of observation Observer visited a play place of a restaurant in New Jersey, Hackensack. Why I have chosen the place is easy to observe every part of child development such as cognitive, social emotional, language as well as physical at the same time. Observer performed the observation on April 28 from 1 pm to 3pm. The child was an Asian boy. He has strait short black hair with dark brown eyes and thin black eye brows. His height looked around 37 inches that he may be a little smaller than other early childhood children. He looks thin and has a full set of teeth inside his mouth, full cheeks, and a small button nose. When he first arrived in the room he used his hands to try to undo his zipper on his sweatshirt, but he†¦show more content†¦He also understands the concept of counting and knows a few numbers. When he felt hunger, he asked to his caregiver to give him grapes and he counted how many grape he ate only using a few numbers. He was playing with toy cars which were able to connect two toy cars in one with a hook, but it was easily disconnected. After a few times of trying to connect the toys and he realized that it would happen again he went up to his caregiver and told her that it would not fit and asked for help. During meal time, his caregiver was trying to feed him balanced nutrient, but he seemed to have a habit which was eating only what he wants. Despite his caregiver mixed all the foods for avoiding his picky eating, he remained foods except what he liked to eat. He knows what is same or different even his caregiver used fake. He spoke to other friends and adults. He was able to speak with mastered some basic rules of grammar in sentences of 5-6 words. His speech was clearly enough for strangers to understand moreover when an adults asked him â€Å"Have you been to the theater?† He replies and answered a short story about his experience. He played with two girls in the play place. He picked up one of his toy car and gave it to them. He tried t o explain them the toy how to play. He was also holding hands with one of his friend, brought her over to the toy house put her inside, shut the door and walked away. Once his caregiver showed him children’s TVShow MoreRelatedChild Development Observation Report Essay2420 Words   |  10 PagesCompare and contrast a child from younger age group with a child from an older age group. For the younger age group, I observed a 6-month-old, boy infant, called Manden, in my friend’s home. 1. Adult/Teacher Interaction: In an adult interaction, the child I observed were more engaged with the people around him by infant-directed speech. His mom and I were basically called his name by rhythm, and he responded to us by smiling and being excited. As I observe in terms of turn-taking, I realizeRead MoreObservation Of Child Development1642 Words   |  7 PagesObservation is important to find out what the child is interested in and what motivates them to learn alongside their progress and how they behave in certain situations with others, and interacting with someone. Child development theories focus on explaining how children change, develop and grow through childhood. My observation of a child was done with a seven old boy by the name of Romeo. I first observed Romeo development such as physical growth, gross motor and fine motor skills. My observationRead MoreEssay on Child Development Observation1013 Words   |  5 PagesIn this assignment I am going to describe a chil d observation that I have done in a nursery for twenty minutes in a play setting. I will explain the strengths and weaknesses of naturalistic observation through the key developmental milestones based in Mary Sheridan (2005) check-list and provide a theoretical explanation to support the naturalistic observation. First of all I would like to explain why the child observation is important for social workers. It is important because it focus on theRead MoreObservation Of A Child On Human Development1401 Words   |  6 PagesObservation child paper Purpose Ever since I was a child, I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one s potential(Bruce Lee). I think this quote pertains greatly to how children grow up. The Assignment purpose was to observe a child between the ages of 2 and 16. Human Development is important because it shows what you can identify. For example, if there is anything wrong with yourRead MoreChild Development Observation Essay710 Words   |  3 PagesChild Observation Study CD1 Elia Janet Garcia LATTC 5/4/2010 Name: Delyla Age: 2 years old Physical Development 1.) Describe the child’s physical appearance. Short and chunky, about 2 feet tall, around 25 pounds, stubby arms and legs, and soft, short curly hair and a small beautiful smile 2.) Give examples of gross motor skills that you observe. Are they age-typical? She walks, runs, and crawls fine. She doesn’t grasp objects very well and she likes shaking them. She needsRead MoreObservations Of A Child Development Lab1966 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction This paper will discuss the observations made at the Child Development lab, and how they are connected to various types of development learned throughout this course. Question One During the beginning of my visit with the 36-month classroom, I observed a boy for fifteen minutes. Throughout the duration of this time, he was one of the first few children up from nap, so he proceeded to walk around, and get out toys to play with. However, he was asked repeatedly by the teachers to beRead MoreBehavioral Learning Child Development Observation1597 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Introduction Theories of child development can be tied to particular philosophical groundings of the major schools of psychology. This paper will provide the basis for the application of behavioral learning theory to an observation of three children in a natural context. A discussion of the rationale for choosing behavioral learning theory over cognitive, contextual, psychodynamic, or social-cognitive learning precedes the explication of behavioral learning theory. As summary of notes and conclusionsRead MoreChild Observation : Cognitive And Language Development1711 Words   |  7 Pages Child observation: #1 Cognitive and Language development Introduction: Name of the child: CJ Age: 2yrs and 10months (34 months) Date of observation: 6/19/2016 Time: 2.40pm to 4.40pm Context: Observation took place in their home. The living room dimension is approximately 16 x 20 feet, giving enough room for movement. On entering the living room, on the east corner is a 50-inch television and to the west is the dining set. This room is furnished with tan leather couches, center table and red rugRead MoreMy Observation On Child Development Center1334 Words   |  6 PagesRasha Issa 7/9/2017 CD 153 My observation My observation was at the Grossmont college in the child development center. The address of this center is 8800 Grossmont College Dr El Cajon, CA 92020. Grossmont cares for 26 children from 6 months through 3 years of age. That meat 6 months by September 1st and not entered Kindergarten. Supply for the care and education of young children while their parents attend schoolRead MoreMy Observation At The Child Development Center2067 Words   |  9 Pagesmy third observation at the Child Development Center, I decided to observe a three-year-old girl that I will call Cady. I chose her because of her irrepressible attitude, which shown through in all of her actions and loudly voiced opinions. Throughout the semester not only did I gain developmental information about Cady, I gained some background information as well. She is the youngest child in the CDC, having only turned three during the last semester. Not only is she the youngest child at the CDC

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Case Study Analysis Indian Railways - 1412 Words

Case Study Analysis: Indian Railways The case study of Indian Railways (IR) procurement practices by Nag (2013) is one of the most comprehensive case studies ever illustrated on IR techniques. Furthermore, the case study clearly represents various aspects of the IR procurement management with clearly distinguishing sections depicting the humongous IR network of railways; methodologies used in procurement practices for vendor selection; controlling and regulation practices related to procurement; competition between the suppliers; and ethics and accountability factors of IR individuals. Subsequently, each of these procurement management elements of IR would be summarized with various information and examples within this critical thinking†¦show more content†¦Moreover, in a few instances and for some specific items the Railway Board may also decide on the approved vendors (Nag, 2013, p. 2.3). As per Kahraman, Cebeci, and Ulukan (2003), the selection criteria should include the components related to supplier, performance, service, and cost. Hence, the approved vendor inclusion process of IR starts with an online registration, followed by a rigorous examination by RDSO to comprehend the vendor’s capacity, manufacturing practices, infrastructure and quality. The selected vendors are first put into a Part 2 list and are limited to obtain the contracts up to 20 percent of the total requirement of an item. Subsequently, vendors are closely monitored for at least 15 months before moving them to Part 1 list to handle fully tendered order. Additionally, strict rules and regulations control the Part 1 list; and if necessary, vendors can also be downgraded, where they need to stay a minimum of 1 year and prove their worth, before advancing to Part 1 again (Nag, 2013, p. 2.3). Oversight and Regulation of Procurement Despite understanding the importance of procurement oversight and regulations such as cost efficiency, improved quality and organizational efficiency, the employees are often tempted to circumvent these laws and regulations to administer preferred treatment to their personal interests (Hansson Holmgren, 2011). Therefore, the entire procurement process in IR is meticulouslyShow MoreRelatedBbc Pvt. Ltd. and Working Capital Challenge1196 Words   |  5 Pages| Case Study Report | Table of Contents * Case Background 3 * Key Findings 4 * Recommendations 6 * References 11 * Exhibits 11 Case Background BBC Pvt. Ltd, is a chemical manufacturing company that was established in 2004. Its registered offices are in Bangalore, and its manufacturing is in Lucknow. At the time of the case BBC is in need of working capital to secure a major contract with Indian RailwaysRead MoreEssay on Critique2070 Words   |  9 PagesInterests for Tracking Freight Railcars in Indian Railways Case Analysis Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador Submitted by: Vanessa Roche Submitted to: Paul Sherren Date: July 29th, 2015 Teaching Case Shirish C Srivastava, Sharat S Mathur, Thompson SH Teo (2009). Journal of Information Technology. Competing technology options and stakeholder interests for tracking freight railcars in Indian Railways. Abstract This case analysis, Competing technology options and stakeholderRead MoreSnapshot Of Main Scenario Company Profile Essay2864 Words   |  12 PagesSynopsis 2 Main Case 6 Snapshot of main scenario 6 Company Profile 6 Technology behind 7 Business Model 8 SWOT Analysis 10 Strengths: 10 Weaknesses: 10 Opportunities: 10 Threats: 10 Regulatory Framework 10 Porter Five Competitive Forces Analysis 11 a) Bargaining power of buyers 11 b) Bargaining power of suppliers 11 c) Threat of new entrants 11 d) Threat of substitutes 11 e) Intensity of Competition 11 Competitor Analysis 11 12 12 12 Main case centralRead MoreBhopal Gas Tragedy : A Terrible Gas Leak1642 Words   |  7 Pagesdiscussed by the authorities. Methyl Isocyanate is an extremely toxic gas to humans and other living organisms. It has a low boiling point of 39oC and is volatile. It caused about 3,800 deaths during the Bhopal disaster and about 170,000 adverse health cases. Pulmonary edema was the major cause of death by MIC. The toxic gas reacts violently with water and the flammable liquid has a threshold capacity of only 0.4ppm if it enters through ingestion or inhalation (NCBI). MIC is flammable at almost any temperatureRead MoreCas Indian railways6510 Words   |  27 PagesMacmillan All rights reserved 0268-3962/09 Teaching Case Competing technology options and stakeholder interests for tracking freight railcars in Indian Railways Shirish C Srivastava1, Sharat S Mathur 2, Thompson SH Teo3 1 Operations Management and Information Technology Department, HEC School of Management, Paris, France; Centre for Railway Information Systems, Indian Railways, New Delhi, India; 3 School of Business, National University of Singapore, Singapore Read MoreRequirements Analysis and Railway Reservation1505 Words   |  7 Pages | | |Suraj Singh (11ERICS035) | | ACKNOWLEDGEMENT A study or a project of this volume can never be the outcome of a single person or just a mere group of dedicated students. We are indebted to our subject teacher Miss Pratibha Dabaas for being the epitome of guidance during the entire project. We are alsoRead MoreIdentification Of Railway Track Using Rfid Application2106 Words   |  9 Pages Identification Of Railway Track Using RFID Application Mahesh R. Nimje Prof. S.V. Bhalerao M. Tech student Assistant Professor Department Of Civil Engineering Department Of Electronics Engineering G.H.Raisoni college of Engg. Nagpur. G.H.Raisoni college of Engg. NagpurRead MoreIndias Cost Advantage For The Indian Railways3087 Words   |  13 Pagesenterprise with a definite cost 7 | P a g e advantage. Railways can generate significant cost savings by sending tickets, newsletters, quotes, and other documents via Internet, rather than by post. Most importantly, Railways can save on customer service costs by enabling customers to serve themselves. Differentiation: The features 1 to 8 put Railways in this category. E-ticketing is a win-win solution for the Indian Railways. It offers them the chance to make considerable savings in bothRead MoreThesis on Pakistan Railways6300 Words   |  26 PagesSUMMARY The current study remains limited in its scope as it looks at the problems faced by Pakistan Railways and there solutions not at the organization as a whole. The research is mainly made by collecting data from Peshawar amp; Nowshera railway stations and conclusions are drawn on the basis of that data. To undertake the task we went through the existing literature on Pakistan Railways and reviewed the current state of affairs through available  data. Pakistan Railways have been running lossesRead MoreUrbanization in Developing Countries: India1732 Words   |  7 PagesIncreasing unemployment, pressure on infrastructure, creation of slums in the urban core of cities and environmental degradation are a few results of the unplanned haphazard urbanization. The paper will focus on studying the urbanization in India with analysis of changes over time and history and the conditions of the urban poor as it currently exists. It will explain the approach of low-income housing policy adopted by the government in the five year plans viz. the Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojana. The paper

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Song an Effective Technique and Material in Learning English Free Essays

Song: An Effective Technique and Material in Learning English English has an important role in many aspects of life. This statement leads us to the reason of why this language should be taught in schools. In Indonesia, English is used as the first foreign language that should be learned by the students even from elementary school until university. We will write a custom essay sample on Song: an Effective Technique and Material in Learning English or any similar topic only for you Order Now In using the language, there are many elements that have to be mastered, covering reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Song refer to a piece of music that have words and can be used in language teaching. It is suggested to include songs in language learning as well. The possibility of using songs in English as a foreign language class has been actively considered for the last two decades. It is considered because songs have many values in language teaching. Orlova (2003), states that it is possible to suggest that among the methodological purposes that songs are used in class, it is possible to rank the following: 1. Practicing the rhythm, stress and the intonation patterns of the English language. 2. Teaching vocabulary, especially in the vocabulary reinforcement stage 3. Teaching grammar. In this respect songs are especially favored by teachers while investigating the use of the tenses. 4. Teaching speaking. For this purpose, songs and mainly their lyrics are employed as a stimulus for class discussion 5. Teaching listening comprehension 6. Developing writing skills. For this purpose a song can be used in a variety of ways. From the songs, we can learn many things such as vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, writing, and of course reading. Benefit of Song Griffe (1992: 4) points out some advantages in using songs and music in the language classroom. There are some categories mentioned by Griffe, namely in classroom atmosphere, cultural input, text and student interest. They are as follows; 1. Songs create enjoyable classroom atmosphere Dealing with classroom atmosphere, songs and music can be used to make students relaxed and provide enjoyable classroom conditions. 2. They can introduce the culture of the songs. Either songs or music is reflection of the time and place that produce them. When the teacher brings songs into classroom, he will also bring the culture of the songs in the classroom. 3. Songs can be used as texts Songs also can be used as texts in the same way that a poem, short story or novel provided in the language classroom. From explanation above, songs have many benefits. Some of them are songs can motivate the students and make them more confident in their ability to listen the materials. The Criteria of Song Selection The important thing about choosing a song to do with a class is to make sure that the lyrics are clear. It can be very frustrating for the students not to understand a word. The recording should also be a good one. Lynch (2008), provides three principal song selection criteria, as follows: 1. Use songs that are popular with the students whenever possible. Unfortunately, students frequently select songs for classroom use which are objectionable in some way making the song unusable. 2. Songs must have clear and understandable lyrics. Nothing is worse than a song almost nobody can understand. If you have trouble understanding the lyrics by listening, then another song needs to be selected. 3. Songs should have an appropriate theme. There’s enough bad news, negativity and violence in the world already. Songs with any type of negative theme should be avoided. There are plenty of positive, upbeat, even humorous songs available. It is realized when teaching the students; we should choose the songs with suitable level of difficulty. The suitability of the song is a particularly important issue. It should be known whether or not the students like the song. The use of Singing Procedure There are various ways of using songs in the classroom. The level of the students, the interests and the age of the learners, the grammar point to be studied, and the song itself have determinant roles on the procedure. Apart from them, it mainly depends on the creativity of the teacher. Some examples of these techniques are: 1. Gap fills or close texts . Focus questions 3. True-false statements 4. Put the lines into the correct sequence 5. Dictation 6. Add a final verse 7. Circle the antonyms/synonyms of the given words 8. Discuss Many experienced textbook and methodology manual writers argue that songs have a great educational value. It can’t be denied that children, teenagers, and adults like music. While they are singi ng it, they are also doing other activities like learning, remembering new vocabulary, studying to pronounce words, etc. So, let’s try to learn English by using song and get the result! BIBLIOGRAPHY: Griffe, Dale T. 1992. Songs in Action. UK: Prentice Hall International Ltd. Lynch, Larry M. (2008). Using Popular Songs to Improve Language Listening Comprehension Skills. http://esl4free. blogspot. com/2008/02/can-music-improve-your-students. htm†¦. Orlova, Natalia F. (March 2003). Helping Prospective EFL Teachers Learn How to Use Songs in Teaching Conversation Classes. The Internet TESL Journal. http://iteslj. org/Technoques/Orlova-Songs. html Ditulis oleh: Kristin Rahayu, S,Pd Guru Bahasa Inggris di SMK TKM Teknik Purworejo Jalan Ahmad Yani No 8 Purworejo 54111 No HP: 085725038093 email: rahayu. kristin14@gmail. com How to cite Song: an Effective Technique and Material in Learning English, Essay examples

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